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Who is Mold Solutions?

We are a group of people that care: about each other, our families, our customers, our reputation, and our jobs. We are family owned; working here is like being part of a large family. Everyone has an opinion that matters. We argue at times, but we always support each other. We know that behind every member of our team, is a family that is relying on our success. We believe that everyone should work hard AND play hard.

We are an IICRC Certified Mold Remediation Firm, and the majority of our employees are IICRC Certified Mold Remediation Technicians. We use time-tested processes that are universally accepted for mold remediation. Within those industry guidelines we are always working to identify the most cost-effective methods to service our customers.

What does Mold Solutions do?

We are a full service mold company providing inspection, remediation and prevention solutions to both residential and commercial customers. We use the most efficient and effective methods in the industry to help our customers eliminate their mold issues.

Specifically, we identify mold through visual inspections and sampling. We remediate mold using removal techniques, product application, and air filtration depending on the project requirements. We prevent the return of mold growth on natural surfaces through the application of our EPA Registered bound anti-microbial.

How does Mold Solutions do it?

We start with honesty and integrity. We treat every customer, every job, as if the world is watching. For example, we often advise customers they do not need our services. We are human so mistakes and accidents occur. We don’t hide them or cover them up, we admit them and correct them.

We focus on being Customer centric. We want a person to answer the phone when customers call during business hours. We build our internal processes around our customers. We aim to educate our customers in order to eliminate their fear. We answer every question we can from our customers. We don’t encourage shorter call durations or shorter appointment times.

We strive for a white glove experience. Our production teams treat our jobsites as if they were their own homes. We wear booties, protect flooring/carpets, clean up debris, sweep/vacuum floors and do everything possible to control dust.

Why does Mold Solutions do it?

It is a privilege to wake up every day and help people. Helping people is what gets us out of bed each morning. We want to make a profit (see how honest we are). However, making money isn’t our sole purpose. Mold is a problem and we eliminate it for our customers. Operating with honesty and integrity allows us to go to sleep with a clear conscience.

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