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Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Health Care, Pharmaceutical & Residential air duct cleaning contractor.


Mechanical Hygiene Services:


Air Duct Cleaning & Refurbishment – resurfacing of worn/contaminated liner 

Air Handler Cleaning & Refurbishment - Remove & replace worn/contaminated fiberglass liner.

Coils Cleaning - Evaporator, Condenser, Process, etc

Coil Drain Pan Resurfacing - Epoxy resurfacing to stop leaks.

HVAC microbial/fungus/bacteria remediation.

Removal of Hazardous Materials from HVAC systems.

Dryer Exhaust Duct Cleaning – dryer vents.

Building exhaust duct cleaning – process, shop, industrial.


Ventilation Inspection Services 

Mechanical inspections of interior conditions of duct systems- robot, video, digital

Fire damper verification – placement, operation, condition

Air handler assessment  - condition, cleanliness

Indoor air quality remediation – cleanliness consulting & assessment  

Specialty Cleaning – Factory Hygiene  

Overhead/high cleaning – cleaning of overhead structure, piping, lights, equipment etc

Odor control & treatment

Plant and machinery cleaning – ceilings, walls, structure 


Overhead Protection 

Installing reinforced poly scrim under the ceiling deck in open spaces – protects interior and contents of building when roof repair/replacement is being done.

Stops debris from falling under the roof deck and contaminating the building. 







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