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Willie Wilson has led a colorful and largely successful life. Within just four short decades, this African-American product of the cotton and sugar cane fields of Louisiana, has managed to create a most impressive multimillion dollar empire, a journey that began with only twenty cents in his pocket, and big dreams in his head.
Today, his fortunes have turned a full 360 degrees. He had been penniless and stranded numerous times, and he now personally donates hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to small churches and community programs across the United States. Having gone through terminations from numerous jobs, he went on to become owner of five McDonald’s restaurants within two and a half years; founder and producer of the first nationally syndicated African American gospel entertainment program on commercial television, now in its 20th year; and founder and CEO of one of America’s fastest growing international medical supply companies.
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Shirley Ashburn park, IL
Dr. Willie Wilson many people ask who is that man running for mayor of Chicago? Well after doing research on you . I learned Dr. Wilson is intelligence more tha...
Annette Glenwood, IL
I didn't know who Dr Wilson was until he ran for Mayor,I could not vote for him because I live in a Suburb, but I became interested in his story. From what I ha...
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